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Dear Lord please inject me with Beyoncé’s work ethic and motivation amen

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I’m fuckin trash for letting people treat me like shit…



OBTumblr is pleased to announce…

The Official Orphan Black #CloneClub Meetup!


Fans meeting fans! Activities! Crazy science! And dancing! Just so much dancing. At least we’ll be dancing.


Important #CloneClub Meetup facts:

WHEN: The meetup is Friday, July 25th from 1 to 3pm PT.

WHERE: Southpaw Social, 815j St., San Diego

WHO: Everyone in #CloneClub is invited. All people. All clones. All ages. All geek monkeys. All leopards. Bring your seestras. Bring your seestra-brothers. Leave your sharpened pencils at home.

WHY: For science.


#CloneClub Meetup FAQ

Do I need a Comic-Con ticket to attend the meetup?
Nope. You don’t need a Comic-Con ticket OR a ticket for the meetup. ZERO TICKETS REQUIRED.

No tickets! That’s terrific news. So, how do I get in to the meetup?
The meetup is first come, first served. The line outside of Southpaw Social officially starts at 11am PT. OBTumblr will be there early, possibly with snacks.

Cool. What will happen at this meetup besides, you know, meeting up?

*The very first Alison-inspired Cloneplay Theater Challenge.


*Rad Cosima makeovers.


(Yep. Really.)

*A delicious Helena buffet.


*A clone yourself photo booth.

*A pop-up shop with OB swag, courtesy of the BBC shop.

*Surprise guests.

*And dancing. Did we mention the dancing?

I’m not a great dancer.
It’s ok. Neither are we.


Can’t wait to see you there, #CloneClub!




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Today’s fashion inspiration: Cher. Ever I saw this fuzzy top I’ve been wanting one. I managed to find a black long sleeve crop fuzzy top. I love it! I wanted to wear it with a skirt but decided to go casual and wear black denim. Cher will always remain as a source of fashion inspiration. Ugh As If 

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